Natural Health Career Options & How to Start
Natural Health Career Options & How to Start

Natural Health Career Options & How to Start

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Natural health enthusiasts often wonder how to turn their passion into a career. They may also question if a career in natural health is even possible. Thoughts like, “Can I make a good living?” or “What exactly should I do in the natural health field?” are common.

Without proper guidance and knowledge, some natural health supporters may conclude that a natural health career simply isn’t practical. However, if you’re interested in changing careers, there are many opportunities in the natural health field worth exploring.

Many people are eager to understand how to support and nurture their bodies naturally before a serious problem arises. This is where natural health professionals excel and can offer much-needed guidance.

So, how can you experience the emotional and financial rewards of being part of the natural health field? Read on to discover five ways to succeed in the natural health field.

1. Become a Health Coach

Health Coaching is a popular option for people wanting to start a career in the wellness field. A reputable health coach program will teach you the basics of working with clients, nutrition, and exercise. A health coach program specializing in holistic health will also teach you natural health modalities such as aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, and herbology. Health Coaches can begin their own coaching practice, work for a natural health professional, or work in a medical setting.

Take Your Education to the Next Level

If you’re serious about making natural health your long-term career, then it’s important to have as many tools at your disposal as possible. That’s why it’s beneficial to take a more comprehensive natural health program, such as the year-long Certified Natural Health Professional program. Another option to consider is to obtain certifications in specific modalities. For example, earning a certificate in iridology or herbology. By doing so, you’ll gain more confidence in these skills and be better able to support your clients.




3. Continuing Education

Once you’ve established your career, it’s vital to continue learning and improving your skillset. New research and discoveries are normal in any area of study but staying up to date in the natural health field will help you continue to make sound and helpful recommendations. One way to access new information and studies is by subscribing to a reputable natural health research site.

Additionally, if you are board-certified in the natural health field, completing continuing education units is a requirement. To gain continuing education units, consider attending board-approved events or enrolling in a board-approved specialized natural health program. Consult with the available board certification agencies to discover additional ways to earn CEUs.

Private Consultation Practice

For those who want to be their own boss, opening a private practice is an appealing option. However, you must be comfortable with your skills and education before considering this option. This means that you should feel supported, able to work with clients effectively, and are financially prepared. Having a mentor or a fellow natural health professional to lean on for advice is also recommended.

To open a private consultation practice, you’ll first need to research and select your business structure, gain the necessary insurance (including liability insurance), and research the laws in your state related to practicing natural health.


Many people who love natural health don’t aspire to work one-on-one with clients. Instead, they enjoy selling natural health products and being a resource of knowledge for people looking to purchase them. If this sounds like you, then opening a natural health retail store may be right for you. Your retail store could include herbs, supplements, Bach Flowers, natural health tools such as RBTI testing kits, and various books. If variety is appealing, you could also use your natural health education by offering consultations or other services within your store.

The best part? You don’t need a brick-and-mortar location to start a retail store or a private practice. You can sell products and complete consultations online or at events, like health fairs. Before opening a retail store, research your local laws and obtain the proper insurance policies.

Determining Which Natural Health Career is Right for You

Starting a new career can be exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking. To be successful, you’ll need the confidence that comes with having the proper education.

At Trinity School of Natural Health, we believe in family values and building a lifelong community for our students. We offer ongoing support via our Facebook Student Group, in which our instructors are available to answer questions during and after your program. We also host two live events per year to connect you, in-person, with our instructors and your fellow Trinity students and graduates.

If you’re interested in one of our 13 natural health education programs, call 800-428-0408 to speak with an enrollment specialist, who is also a Trinity graduate, or learn more by visiting






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