Judy Masters

Judy Masters is a former high school teacher and college adjunct instructor, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, Theatre and Secondary Education. Prior to her involvement in natural health, she worked nearly 15 years as a systems engineer, with a Fortune 500 automotive company. She loved the work but the constant relocation was difficult. At the urging of a store patron and CNHP graduate, Judy enrolled in her first Certified Natural Health Professional seminar. She completed her certification in 2000, and is now enrolled in the Bach Foundation, pursuing her practitioner registration in her specialty, the emotion-healing Bach Flowers. She began teaching for CNHP in 2007, and has taught Bach Flowers, Body Systems and Business. She is the featured instructor on the distance learning courses, Bach Flowers 101 and The Business of Natural Health.

Luis Ramos

Luis Ramos is an ND, CNHP. He comes to Trinity from Ecuador. He was born into and grew up with natural medicine. After finishing high school, Luis came to the United States to go to school. Before completing his studies he was drafted into the US Army. After a tour of duty in Vietnam, he went back to Ecuador for a visit. Little did he know that while there, he would meet his soul mate and get married. His life took a different turn and he became an engineer working with an aerospace defense company for 26 years. After taking an early retirement, he and his wife Norma went back to school to formalize and expand their knowledge of natural medicine. After successfully completing their formal schooling, they became Board Certified Naturopathic Doctors and started on their second and most rewarding career, teaching what they always have practiced, natural medicine. Luis began teaching for CNHP in 2010. He has taught Nutrition, Body Systems, Body Works, Herbology, Enzymes and Face, Tongue and Nails.

Lauren Ameling

Lauren Ameling is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Acupuncturist, and proud momma. She graduated from Logan University in 2006 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. She has earned over 500 hours of postgraduate certifications in topics such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pregnancy and Pediatric Care, and Kinesiology. Dr. Lauren and her husband, a fellow chiropractor, have a private practice centered on holistic healing which sees patients in three locations. She embraces the fact that the translation of the word "Doctor" means "To Teach". Her office interactions always center on patient education and in 2010 she began teaching for a local college. Throughout the years, Dr. Lauren has taught for four different colleges and universities but her true passion is working with those who desire to understand all that natural healthcare has to offer. She is an awarded instructor who is regularly invited to speak for the American Medical Technologists. Dr. Lauren lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband, Jason, and two amazing boys, Reece and Kieran.

Lauren Ameling

Tracey Stroup

Tracey Stroup has a B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science from Pennsylvania State University. She has been in the fitness and wellness industry for 20 years as a personal trainer. She obtained her ND from Trinity School of Natural Health and has furthered her career in holistic wellness. She owns and operates Pure Living, a holistic health center in Central Pennsylvania. She also co-owns an organic juice bar and a corporate wellness company, Vitality Wellness. Tracey resides in Tyrone, PA with her husband, Eric, her two sons, Jon and Luke, and all her crazy animals.

Stuart Hite

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Stuart Hite is an ND, CNHP. While owning and operating his own health food store for 10 years, Stuart earned his CNHP and an ND degree from Trinity School of Natural Health. He continues to assist people in achieving maximum health naturally. Stuart has been involved in natural health for over 30 years.

Angie Chaudoir Ates

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Angie Chaudoir Ates is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor: CNC, CHS, MH, CNHP. For more than 20 years in Corporate America, she has successfully led individuals and teams to the top of their game. Along the way, Angie had the focus and tenacity to heal herself of Fibromyalgia. A multi-faceted woman, Angie is a Mother, Professional Speaker and Author. She owns and operates a Natural Health Center in Missouri along with operating a mentor program for natural health professionals. She offers a Holistic point of view through consultations for clients choosing to heal naturally. In her book series and workshops, Sustainability at Home to her book series, iN UR head, and her book, Sensational, Sanity Saving Strategies, she encourages readers to unlock their potential through a practical, realistic and affordable approach. Whether she is keynoting, leading workshops or facilitating retreats, she delivers a high energy message that inspires others through practical change to reach new levels of achievement.