Flexible Learning

Trinity’s programs are designed to be self-paced and self-directed. Our curriculum offers multiple approaches to learning because we recognize that everyone learns differently. Whether you’re a book learner, an auditory or visual learner, or prefer hands-on learning, we have a program that will fit your educational needs.

Living a Happy, Healthy Life

Whether you want to pursue a career in natural health, or you want the resources to obtain a healthier lifestyle, education from Trinity can help empower you, your family, or your workplace to achieve a happy, healthy life.

Well-Rounded Curriculum

Trinity offers a variety of programs that not only provide knowledge, but also the practical skills to develop your desired area of application. With the help of our instructors, who collectively have over 100 years of natural health experience, Trinity brings you the most comprehensive curriculum to equip you to succeed in the natural health field.

Achieve Your Dream

Our mission is to provide our students with hope, support, and solutions so you, in turn, can do the same for your community. We believe that you are world changers and our responsibility is to empower you to make your dreams a reality. We offer affordable, no-interest payment plans and academic support throughout your program. We also feel that our partnership shouldn’t end there, so Trinity offers multiple opportunities for graduates to network and stay involved in the natural health community.

This event will take place on Jul 13 - Jul 19, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN. Join us for the Minneapolis Symptoms Event! Register today to become part of the natural health revolution.

Special Event

Symptoms Event

Trinity's MH program provides an in-depth study of the characteristics and applications of plants from all over the world.

Featured Course

Master Herbalist (MH)

At Trinity, we recognize that our physical body is connected to our mind and our spirit. Our body operates as a finely tuned machine counting on every element to support the other.

Julie Whitman Kline, President/CEO