Health Coach

The Health Coach program prepares you to empower your clients on their path to health and wellness. You will learn how to evaluate client needs and make safe, effective lifestyle recommendations.

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Certified Natural Health Professional

This course of study introduces the core competencies of natural health, and serves as a foundation for more advanced and specialized levels of education.

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Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

This advanced course takes a further look into the practical applications of natural health principles. You'll learn to use tools and techniques that natural health practitioners utilize working with clients.

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Certified Traditional Naturopath

The Certified Traditional Naturopath (CTN) program serves as the culminating program from Trinity School of Natural Health and is specifically for students who identify as "Traditional Naturopaths".

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Biblical Coach

The Biblical Coach program not only strengthens your faith by teaching you how to interpret the Word and apply it to your life, but it also explains how to help others on their journey.

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Certified Aromatherapy Specialist

Go beyond the basic understanding of essential oils to the in-depth study of their impact on specific body systems and conditions.

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Certified Flower Essence Specialist

Learn the non-invasive benefits of traditional Bach Flowers, as well as other flower essences, in addressing the direct and indirect relationship of emotions to overall health.

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Certified Holistic Fitness Specialist

Apply a full-body approach to fitness by focusing on holistic nutrition, proper exercise selection and supplementation.

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Certified Lyme Specialist

This program is for healthcare practitioners seeking to successfully support clients suffering from Lyme Disease and Lyme Co-infections.

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Certified Master Herbalist

Take an in-depth look at the characteristics, origins, nutritional qualities, and applications of herbs from all over the world.

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Certified Nutritional Consultant

Learn how proper nutrition plays a significant role in every process in the body, and how to identify and support the nutritional needs of yourself or a potential client.

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Certified ZYTO Specialist

This program develops the expertise needed to successfully utilize the ZYTO Balance system in your holistic practice.

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Endocannabinoid Professional

Converse confidently about cannabis, its history, plant variety, cultivation, pharmacology and regulation. Learn the benefits and risks of cannabis.

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Master Iridologist

Discover how to locate and interpret the corresponding areas in the body as reflected in the eyes.

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Mind-Body Integration Specialist

The Mind-Body Integration Specialist Course is for integrative healthcare practitioners who want to amplify their holistic practice by helping their clients connect the mind and body.

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Board Certification

Board Certification

We are accredited by several natural health boards that provide additional certification options for our students, including the American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board, American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board, and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. We are also approved by the International Association of Natural Health Practitioners, which provides international registration opportunities.

Flexible Learning

With courses delivered through the interactive online classroom, Canvas, we provide flexible learning that fits your schedule, anywhere in the world. Our programs are designed for busy adults, so you can earn your certificate while working or caring for your family. We set achievable targets to keep you moving towards your graduation date, but you choose what days and times to participate throughout the week.

Comprehensive Curriculum

We have many diverse programs that provide the most comprehensive curriculum in online natural health education. Our courses are designed and instructed by practitioners, so you'll be equipped with both the knowledge and practical skills to make a difference in your professional career. We've also created Educational Alliances to deliver innovative training from experts within well-known businesses in the natural health field.
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Reach Your Goals

Our mission is to provide our students with hope, support, and solutions so they can Transform the World through natural health. Whether you're seeking knowledge for personal or professional goals, we have programs that provide holistic training to teach you to care for the body, mind, and spirit. We offer affordable, interest-free payment plans and support throughout your program to help you reach your goals.
Interaction and Support

Interaction and Support

Our Enrollment Specialists, Student Services, and Instructors support you from the moment you inquire about our programs, through your training, and after graduation. Our online classroom allows you to interact in peer discussion and put your education into practice with hands-on activities. Each course has a dedicated instructor for guidance and feedback. We also have Facebook and MeWe groups for ongoing support from instructors and alumni.
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At Trinity, we recognize that our physical body is connected to our mind and our spirit. Our body operates as a finely tuned machine counting on every element to support the other.

Julie Whitman Kline, President/CEO