Core Programs (NHP, CHHP): Enroll by August 31 to start September 3. Specialized Programs (IMP, HMP, FEMP, NC, HFS, AS): Enroll by September 28 to start October 1.


Trinity School of Natural Health offers our students the most comprehensive traditional natural health education in the country. Drawing on decades of experience and expertise, our goal is to offer the tools necessary to help you transform your life and improve the world.

Trinity provides unprecedented access to the most relevant information about the ever-expanding topics in natural health, multiple platforms and ongoing support from our instructors, as well as our home office staff. We are always listening to you and working to provide the value and excellence you have come to expect from us.

Trinity’s programs are complete with the most relevant information and resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Each of our programs is structured within Canvas® to ensure that you can cross the finish line by your expected graduation date.

Core programs begin every four weeks. Specialized programs begin every 16 weeks. Click here to see the signup deadlines and start dates.

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Core programs

Natural Health Professional

This course of study introduces the core competencies of natural health, and serves as a foundation for more advanced and specialized levels of education.

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

This advanced course of study takes a further look into the practical applications of natural health principles. You will learn how to use the tools and techniques that natural health practitioners most often utilize when working with clients.

Specialized programs

Iridology Master Practitioner

Discover how to locate and interpret the corresponding areas in the body as reflected in the eyes.

Herbology Master Practitioner

Take an in-depth look at the characteristics, origins, nutritional qualities, and applications of herbs from all over the world.

Flower Essence Master Practitioner

Learn the non-invasive benefits of traditional Bach Flowers, as well as other flower essences, in addressing the direct and indirect relationship of emotions to overall health.

Nutritional Consultant

Learn how proper nutrition plays a significant role in every process in the body, and how to identify and support the nutritional needs of yourself or a potential client.

Holistic Fitness Specialist

Apply a full-body approach to fitness by focusing on holistic nutrition, proper exercise selection and supplementation.

Aromatherapy Specialist

Go beyond the basic understanding of essential oils to the in-depth study of their impact on specific body systems and conditions.