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Norfolk Foundational Event
Apr 27 - May 03, 2017
Foundational Event
Oct 12 - Oct 18, 2017

Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) Video Format

This program is the first step required for the Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) designation. This fascinating foundational course of study introduces students to core competencies of natural health practice. The CNHP program is taught from the Biblical perspective of natural health. This is the type of information you will come away with:
  • Understand the legalities in a natural health practice
  • The many benefits of emotional wellness and pH balance
  • Great information on herbal health and nutrition
  • The basics of the various body systems
  • Cover topics such as: nutrition, flower essence, pH balance, etc.
  • Emergency preparedness in the home
  • Learn healthy shopping and cooking
The CNHP program courses are taught by four dynamic health professionals who have vast experience and knowledge in their fields. You can meet them HERE! To assist you in becoming a dynamic natural health practitioner, we also offer the following certification programs: Advanced Certified Nutritional Consultant (ACNC), Master Iridologist (MI), Master Herbalist (MH), and Doctor of Naturopathy (ND).
Paid in Full
1 payment of $1,250.00
11 payments of $100.00
*Installments requires a down payment of $300.00
*The down payment is in addition to the monthly payments and will provide access to the first 4 classes. Each monthly payment gives the student access to 2 new classes. Payments may be made early to gain access to the next class.

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I am taking the CNHP live classes and they are amazing. I love the instructors. They are down to earth, funny and make it very interesting. The hands on experience has been wonderful. Thank you Trinity for a life changing week.

Charlene R., WV

Thanks to the incredible instructors and the staff. The experience at the Trinity Foundational Event in Las Vegas was life changing for me once I realized the potential of what a CNHP can offer others to support their lifestyles. The instructors were "real" and it made learning a lot easier than I thought. I definitely will take more continuing education to work towards advanced certifications.

Eva P., NV

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and how much I learned at the Las Vegas (Foundational) event. I flew back home on Wednesday and was back at work on Thursday. In the 2 days that I was at work I have already implemented what I learned. The instructors were fabulous, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable in the classes they were teaching. The CNHP program was well worth the money and time away from my family. Thank you for putting this event on.

Jennifer P., MO

Upcoming Events

Norfolk Foundational Event
Apr 27 - May 03, 2017
Foundational Event
Oct 12 - Oct 18, 2017