Trinity Enrollment Team

Sally Banks

Sally graduated from St. Joseph Mercy School of Nursing in Sioux City, Iowa in 1985. She later received her Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma in 2000. She transitioned from a twenty-year career in the medical field as a Registered Nurse and clinical nurse instructor to pursuing her true passion, a holistic approach to health and wellness...

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Patty Pobanz

Patty Pobanz started her journey in the corporate world, working for Fortune 500 companies including the Walt Disney Company and Xerox Corporation. When her children were just babies her son came down with pneumonia at the age of three. At that time Patty could not believe that a child so young, could become so sick when he had always been healthy. A long journey to get her son well and a whole lot of research...

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Gleanda Sims

My overall mission is to share my knowledge with the masses and encourage people to take back their GOD-given right to health.
I am privileged with the opportunity to share my knowledge and practical experience with prospective students to assist them with making a well-informed decision about obtaining a quality holistic education with Trinity School of Natural Health...

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