Trinity Enrollment Team

Patty Pobanz

Patty Pobanz began in the corporate world, working for Fortune 500 companies, including the Walt Disney Company and Xerox Corporation. More than two decades ago, her journey of studying natural health began when her son came down with pneumonia. At the time, Patty could not believe that a young child could become so sick when he had always been healthy. Her research...

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Anya Connolly

Anya Connolly is a Certified Health Coach graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health and is working toward completion of the CHHP program. Anya's passion for natural health is influenced by both her parents, her mother being an RN who subscribes to natural approaches to health, and her father being a Doctor of Mechanotherapy and a Naturopathic Medical Doctor...

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Shealynn August

Shealynn is a Certified Health Coach graduate from Trinity School of Natural Health. She deeply values education and intends to become a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and ultimately a Certified Traditional Naturopath. Her passion for natural health began when her son became ill over a decade ago, leading...

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