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Practitioner Skills: Part 1 Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Alignment

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Description:  This lecture discusses three of the most essential practitioner skills, problem solving, critical thinking, and soft skills. Problem solving algorithms are universally applicable from one profession to another. Critical thinking teaches us to make sense of the actual message, without reacting to what we think we are hearing or reading. It is defined as, The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. Soft skills are the most valuable tools you will ever develop. Your education will be of no help, if you can't align with your client. Learn the Social Styles, how to identify with them and remain flexible, without compromising your own principles.

Running Time: 1:24:35 eligible for 1.5 CEUs

Author Biography:  Judy is a former high school teacher and college adjunct instructor, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, Theatre and Secondary Education. Prior to her involvement in natural health, she worked nearly 15 years as a systems engineer, manager and leadership development educator with a Fortune 500 automotive company. She left the corporate world in 1997, and opened a small natural products/health food store, in her hometown, Logansport, Indiana. At the urging of a store patron and CNHP graduate, Judy enrolled in her first Certified Natural Health Professionals seminar, which was Iridology. She was hooked and completed her CNHP, in 2000. She is now a BCDNH (board-certified doctor of natural health... along with several other designations), including Bach Education's level 3 practitioner training. In 2007, she began teaching Bach Flowers for Certified Natural Health Professionals. Eventually, She also taught Body Systems (physiology) and wrote/taught The Business of Natural Health. In 2014, she had the privilege of becoming one of four core instructors for Trinity School of Natural Health's live division, and subsequent Video-on-Demand. In Trinity's current programs, she specializes in Bach Flowers, Herbology, holistic pet health, naturopathic history and legalities, as well as business education. As an educator in holistic health/naturopathy and business, she enjoys tutoring and mentoring one-on-one and small groups for focused learning. With years of practice in wellness consultation, Judy finds that newer practitioners and students benefit from working through case studies to learn how to glean the most relevant information about the client and offer the simplest and most effective support. Her extensive background in learning and communication styles reflects in her belief that optimal learning begins with alignment and understanding of the client's/student's needs and goals.

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