Bio-Individuality: How to Assess Your Client's Unique Metabolic Needs

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Description:  This lecture teaches you how to look at the bio-individual needs of each client and build a program to restore their health. Most clients come to you looking for real, concrete answers to their health problems. They have symptoms with no known medical cause. Where do you start? Rather than asking "what's wrong" and focusing on the symptoms, ask "what's not right" and get to the real cause of their symptoms. There is no one-size-fits-all in medicine. This lecture provides a practical, easy-to-apply system for assessing your clients' unique metabolic needs.
Running Time: 1:27:25
Eligible for 1.5 hour(s) of ANWPB CEUs.

Author Biography:  As a chiropractor for 37 years, Dr. Todd Frisch specialized in functional medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, iridology, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and facial diagnosis. After retiring from his private practice in 2017, he continues his mission to Transform Healthcare: One Patient at a Time by teaching like-minded practitioners how to gather the diagnostic puzzle pieces that make up the unique health picture of their patients. He serves as the technical advisor for SHAPE ReClaimed and hosts/teaches at annual SHAPE symposiums and for the Missouri state license renewal program. He is also the author of the book,?WTF? Why the Face: A Practical Guide to Understanding Health and Personality Through Facial Diagnosis.

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