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Debbie Thomas, CNHP

Debbie's Story

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I have been considered a "health nut" by most, for the bulk of my life, being raised by 2 parents who were very much into fitness and healthy eating. I was given a great example to follow as a child, especially growing up on a large farm in Illinois with a gigantic garden and "living off the land".

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Carcinoma Cancer in 2013, at the age of 44. I was in complete shock as it seemed to come out of nowhere! I began to explore alternative options as to how I could equip my body to fight the cancer naturally. This opened a whole new world for me that, to this day, has been the biggest blessing in my life, with the exception of my three amazing kids!

I went on to create my own 9-month protocol to eliminate my cancer 100% naturally and I succeeded. I made a deal, so to speak, with my Lord and Savior that if He would allow me to heal in this manner, I would continue my education in natural health that would allow me to then go on and assist others. I was searching for a program that was scripturally based, as I believe God is the creator and author of all living beings on Earth. I was certain I wanted to follow His design for healing, not mainstream media or Western medicine.

Since graduating from Trinity, I have opened a private practice in Flagstaff, Arizona as well as created an entirely organic product line based on items I developed during my own cancer protocol. I have seen over 600 clients, some of them with fur, over the past 5 years and experienced tremendous joy and satisfaction watching people heal from the inside out.

Trinity was not only a wonderful learning environment but the support and networking after graduation has been truly remarkable. I feel as though we all have "some piece" of the healing pie. Others have a different piece than you do, so it's great to be able to stay connected long after the classes are over. I have really appreciated this aspect of feeling like a "family" on some level.