N305 Iridology

This course will demonstrate what can be "seen" in the iris. Students will leave being able to recognize the most popular patterns for practical use immediately. Just as organs are represented in the hand, food, ear, tongue and spinal cord, they also have a specific place in the iris of the eye. The iris can show constitutional strengths and weaknesses as well as toxic accumulation.

N310 Flower Remedies

Building on the introductory module from the Foundational series, this course will provide more in-depth information about Bach Flowers and their wide variety of applications. Emphasis will be given to body mapping as well as the most popular syngergistic combinations.

N315 Advanced pH Balancing

The purpose of this course is to give the student general knowledge about the concepts of balancing lifestyle for optimum health from the perspective of Dr. Carey Reams. The student should have enough information to be able to apply the basic fundamentals of gathering the numbers and applying practical methods of bringing those numbers into the best range.

N325 Physical Observations

This course will demonstrate how to observe internal issues by the external patterns easily seen in the face, tongue and nails. This will equip the student with more tools to assess weaknesses that need to be addressed naturally.

N330 Muscle Response Testing

This module shows how to gather information using muscle response testing. This is a very simple, non-invasive and inexpensive way to determine possible nutrient deficiencies and organ weakness.

N335 Business Consultation

Once natural health knowledge is learned, it is hard not to share it! This course will provide information about starting a consultation/retail business, including formal business plan, cash flow strategies and practical tips based on years of experience.