Bach Flowers Meet Enneagram
Bach Flowers Meet Enneagram

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This blog post was written by Trinity instructor and practitioner, Brooke Vasilko, CHHP, CCI with fellow Trinity instructor, Judy Masters, BCDNH, LEHP, Bach Practitioner - level 3, BCFES, BCMH.


By now, you’ve probably heard all the rage about the Enneagram and how it helps identify different personalities based on how people manage their emotions and interpret the world.


I have always loved personality tests. I find it intriguing to learn what makes people tick… or even ticked off.


I have also been fascinated with a holistic modality that focuses on emotions and personalities called Bach Flowers, which I was introduced to when I was a student at Trinity School of Natural Health.


As I began learning more about each modality, I realized the two could benefit one another greatly. Later, we will explore connections between the Enneagram personalities and Bach Flower qualities and how they can complement one another.


First off, what are Bach Flowers? Bach Flowers are remedies made from the frequencies of specific flowers that have been potentized in water. They are taken primarily internally to support the emotional component of healing. Dr. Edward Bach was the founder of this modality. He discovered that certain flowers’ essences had a powerful impact on one’s ability to overcome disease and sickness based on the individual’s viewpoint of their situation. Thirty-eight flower remedies are typically used in the Bach Flower system. All the remedies in this system are safe for everyone and anyone, even animals and plants can benefit! There are also Bach Flower personalities, which correspond to specific Bach Flowers.


If you know your Enneagram number, I have created a list of Bach Flower remedies below that may be helpful for you as you navigate day-to-day life.


As an important reminder, no singular remedy or Enneagram number defines you, as we are often a conglomeration of many things. We are all created uniquely with our own gifts that God has given us. However, if we become more aware of our strengths and weaknesses and what motivates us, we can live more freely to love others and ourselves.


Enneagram Type 1: These are your perfectionists, reformers, or, as I like to call them, rule followers. They have high morals and ideals, strong integrities, and want to do right in the world and have others do the same. They are motivated to be consistent with their ideals and to strive to improve everything. However, when imbalanced, they can become inflexible, intolerant, critical, and hold others to unrealistic standards. (Side Note: This is my type.)


Bach Flower Remedies for Type 1:

Rock Water: Rock Waters are those who have extremely high ideals and standards for themselves. They can be rigid and legalistic as well as very self-disciplined and reliable. In short, they can get the job done (with great integrity, might I add). This flower remedy describes a 1’s motivation to a “T,” so it would be the #1 remedy to bring balance for those driven 1s to become more tolerant and flexible.

Beech: These people can become intolerant and critical of others. They are always right, and everyone else is wrong. 1s also tend to become critical because of their high standards, so Beech can help develop a sense of compassion and tolerance for those who aren’t quite up to their standards.

Impatiens: Impatiens is exactly what it sounds like: those who can become impatient. When 1s are not getting what they want, or justice isn’t proving itself, they can become impatient with themselves and others. This remedy can help this type to become relaxed, patient, and more willing to see and listen to the other side.

Cherry Plum: This is a remedy for when the fear of losing control becomes predominant. Typically 1s have it all together, but when the unhealthy side comes out, nervous breakdowns, mental torment, or sudden rage outbursts can occur. Cherry Plum helps the mind to ease and brings peace and calm when the mind feels like it’s giving way.



Enneagram Type 2: These people are best known as the Helpers of this world. They are self-sacrificing, generous, and desire to be people-pleasers. They are motivated by feeling loved by others and also by making others feel loved. Appreciation is highly favorable to them. When unhealthy, they become motivated to receive acknowledgment for their sacrifices and can become more needy and possessive of others’ love and approval based on what they do for others. 


Bach Flowers Remedies for Type 2:

Centaury: Centaury is for those who can act like a human doormat: people walk over them and take advantage of their niceness. They have a hard time saying “no” and desire to please those they serve. Because 2s are people pleasers and natural servants, they can get taken advantage of, so this remedy can help balance the urge to say “yes,” especially when it’s beyond their means.

Chicory: This remedy is intended for those who can become a bit manipulative when it comes to receiving love. They can do things for people with the intent of getting something back in return (i.e., love, appreciation, co-dependency), though most will do this unknowingly. When 2s become unhealthy, they can start helping others as a way to feel appreciated and loved. Their service becomes selfishly motivated. Chicory can help bring a sense of ease to serving others without expecting anything in return.

Red Chestnut: Red Chestnut is for those who tend to be overly concerned and worried for those they care about. They are the mothers who constantly worry about their kid’s safety and well-being. Because 2s are also naturally givers and have the drive to take care of others, it can become all-consuming when they start excessively caring and worrying for others. Their desire to help can then be motivated by a need to control to ease their worries for those they love. This remedy can help bring forth nurturing concern without anxiousness and a soft heart to help others but not to the point of obsession.

Willow: This remedy is for those who can become bitter and disappointed. At times, they can feel like victims, complaining about their misfortune. Interestingly enough, this also describes a 2 when they are very imbalanced. Bitterness and self-pity can arise when they don’t feel appreciated by others to whom they’ve given so much. Willow can help them become accepting and positive to let go of those wrongdoings from others, so they can continue to serve in the ways they have been gifted.


Enneagram Type 3: These are your high achievers: driven, ambitious, energetic, and confident. They are driven by achieving excellence and often excel at everything they put their mind to. When unhealthy, they can become workaholics and competitive. They may also become highly motivated by the need to be admired and affirmed through their accomplishments and will find their identity in what they do rather than who they are. 


Bach Flower Remedies for Type 3:

Oak: Oak is for those who are very driven, hard-working, and reliable. They press on when things get tough, just as an oak tree can withstand the strongest storms. However, they don’t have time to get sick or be seen as weak. Because 3s also tend to be workhorses and high achievers, they can mimic these characteristics. Oak remedy can help give them permission to take breaks, be more flexible, and allow them to do restful things that bring joy.

Crab Apple: This remedy is good for supporting those who feel unclean or dislike something about themselves. They can get obsessive, have a poor image, and express skin issues. There is a bit of an emphasis on the outward appearance of type 3s. Crab Apple remedy can help them let that go and accept their imperfections.

Vine: Vine is for those who can become excessively domineering and power-hungry. They can dominate others to make themselves feel stronger and smarter. When 3s are in an unhealthy state, they can also become more self-focused and will do what it takes to keep their image. This remedy can help them to become less harsh and more tolerant, giving them the freedom not to find their worth in their achievements.


Enneagram Type 4: These are sensitive, creative people who are highly motivated by beauty and emotions and have a high need to express who they are as individuals. Often, these are your artists or other creative folks with many gifts to offer the world, but they can come across as moody. When imbalanced, they can become focused on self-pity and distance themselves from other people, staying in their own safe bubble.


Bach Flower Remedies for Type 4:

Water Violet: Water Violets are known to be a bit aloof and can seem unapproachable. They are often homebodies and very much enjoy being alone. They are not your crowd-pleasers as they tend to do things their own way and don’t care what everyone else thinks is “cool.” Like the Type 4s, Water Violets are commonly creative beings such as artists or musicians. This remedy can help 4s connect with others and create a peace that allows them to be comfortable with themselves and others, allowing outsiders into their creative space.

Clematis: This remedy is helpful for those who are a bit spacey. They are the daydreamers of this world. They tend to live in a different realm, be slightly accident-prone, and can seem disinterested. When 4s drift into their little bubble, Clematis can help them reengage with the world around them and become more realistic. With Clematis’s assistance, creative 4s can be motivated to follow through and be productive in the projects in which they are so gifted.

Willow: Willow is good for those who feel a bit of resentment and self-pity. They can be moody or whiny and blame others for their problems. Because 4s can become self-absorbed and sulky when imbalanced, this remedy is a good match as it can help them become flexible, accepting, and positive.

Gorse: This remedy is helpful when experiencing utter hopelessness. When all energy is lost, extreme depression can occur, resulting in withdrawal from people and life. Gorse can be a great support for those experiencing the effects associated with depression. Similarly, when 4s become extremely unhealthy, they also can dive into deep hopelessness. They can cut out everyone from their world and can’t see forward to better days ahead. This remedy allows them to have their hope restored and give purpose to their life.



Enneagram Type 5: These are your innovative, cerebral, and insightful people. They are motivated by having knowledge (they love a ton of information), understanding what’s around them, and are often visionaries. They want to feel intelligent and capable, but when unhealthy, they can become isolated and cynical due to being so engrossed in their studies or work. This can then lead them to forget to maintain relationships.


Bach Flower Remedies for Type 5:

Cerato: These are your information seekers. They can’t get enough knowledge and material about whatever they are seeking. They are “Chronic Students” who need approval and affirmation from others for their own research and thoughts. Because 5s are also information seekers and find their value in having knowledge about the things around them, this remedy can help them trust others and themselves. They can become the healthy version of an information seeker who then creates a vision to lead others in whatever role they are placed.

Vervain: Vervains are your over-enthusiastic, high-strung, strong-willed, intense people. Their mind can race as they take on many things at once. Their intensity can detract people since they tend not to be interested in what others have to say. 5s also tend to be intense and high-strung, which can be beneficial, but when it becomes overbearing and affects others, they may benefit from Vervain. This remedy can help them to be calm, see the bigger picture, and listen to other people’s points of view.

Water Violet: This remedy is for those who like to be alone, tend to be aloof, and who come off as superior. They don’t need (nor prefer) to be around people, especially when dealing with stress, sickness, or any conflict. Water Violets are often very creative and gifted people. 5s are also very inventive, independent thinkers who isolate themselves from others and reality. This remedy can help 5s open up with others, be comfortable in their own self, and be tolerant of others who don’t share the same thoughts.  


Enneagram Type 6: These are your loyalists, hard-working and committed. They will be with you through thick or thin. They often bring together others through their desire for cooperation and are motivated by having others’ support and a desire for security. However, when imbalanced, they can become anxious, indecisive, and defensive and tend to live in stress mode and then blame others for it.



Bach Flower Remedies for Type 6:

Mimulus: This remedy is for those who worry and have fears about specific things. For example, phobias or fears about sickness, spiders, pain, disappointing people, etc. They can come across as super sensitive and timid. Because 6s can also be overcome with worry, specifically concerning their own security or the feeling of being abandoned, Mimulus can help bring a sense of calmness and confidence. 

Larch: Larch is wonderful for those who lack self-confidence. These people are passive, expect to fail, and are unsure of themselves. They may not even try to follow through with something for fear they will fail. Also, 6s often don’t trust themselves as they tend not to believe they have the resources for what it takes to handle life. Instead, they put their loyalty and trust in others. Larch can help 6s to become confident in themselves. It can give them a sense that they are indeed capable on their own and don’t need others for security.

Scleranthus: This remedy is helpful for those who are indecisive and tend to oscillate between things. Whether it’s laughing then crying or feeling energetic then tired, they feel imbalanced and unsure of what direction to go. Likewise, when 6s become unhealthy, they tend to also vacillate between many things. For example, not wanting to be controlled yet fear taking responsibility for their actions. They are strong/weak, trusting/distrusting, and passive yet aggressive. Scleranthus can help them to develop certainty and decisiveness. They can have confidence moving forward with their decisions, knowing they have a clear purpose.


Enneagram Type 7: These are your fun-loving, spontaneous, optimistic folk. Frequently extroverted, they are always seeking new and exciting things but can become exhausted from overextending themselves. They are motivated by excitement and want to avoid pain. They also have a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out). When imbalanced, they can become impulsive, scattered, undisciplined, and restless from being unable to say “no.”


Bach Flower Remedies for Type 7:

Vervain: This remedy is for those who can become over-enthusiastic, intense, and a bit overwhelming to those around them due to their strong convictions and ideas. It’s fun to be around balanced Vervains, but when they cross over to the unhealthy side, they can repel people as they are so emphatic about what they are promoting. 7s are also your fun-loving, enthusiastic individuals, but they can also tip towards the out-of-balance side of a Vervain. This remedy can help them to be more balanced and calm and encourage them to be visionary leaders.

White Chestnut: Mental chatter, anyone? This remedy is helpful for those who can’t shut their brains off. They always have an inner dialogue, making them a bit worried and obsessive over things. 7s also tend to fill their mind and schedules with constant “chatter.” As a result, they can have a “Go-Go-Go” mindset, which can become extremely tiring. White Chestnut can promote peace of mind and help 7s to experience a well-rested, quiet brain that is content with not having to be “on” constantly.

Heather: These are your non-stop talkers. You probably can identify a Heather in your life, and if you don’t know one, it’s likely you! They can come across as needy as every conversation is centered around themselves, and they tend to invade people’s spaces. Likewise, when 7s become overly enthusiastic about what they are involved in, there is a tendency to go overboard in their enthusiasm, tilting towards Heather-like qualities. This remedy can help them be less self-focused, become more understanding of others, and listen as well as be heard by others.

Wild Oat: Wild Oat is wonderful for those who are feeling uncertain about what direction to take. They can be a bit scattered, restless, and sometimes waste their giftings because they have difficulty finding what path to take. 7s can also be so in the moment that they lack a sense of clear direction and come across as scattered or undisciplined. They can have many ideas but little follow-through. Wild Oat can help them be more decisive in what direction to go and find fulfillment from accomplishing their goals.  



Enneagram Type 8: These are your confident, decisive, and assertive people who often love to be in leadership positions. They can come across as overbearing and forward as they know what they want and don’t beat around the bush. They are motivated by not being seen as weak and wanting control. When unhealthy, they can become overly dominant and more concerned with their own authority rather than the well-being of others. Their temper can get out of control, and their relationships can suffer due to their high demands and communication style.


Bach Flower Remedies for Type 8:

Vine: As described in Type 3’s section, Vines are considered the dominant dictators who are very inflexible. Whereas 3s are driven by the need to be smart in front of others, 8s are more driven by needing control and seeking out power. This remedy can help 8s to become tolerant, more encouraging to those they work with, and positive leaders for others.

Holly: Holly is for those who tend towards having a temper. At their worst, they can be aggressive, hateful, and cruel to others. Because 8s have a tendency not to control their temper, this remedy could be supportive of creating a more compassionate heart. It can help them to celebrate others’ successes and cultivate a spirit of generosity.

Beech: This remedy is for those who can become intolerant of others, which results in needing to feel superior. They can be the “mean girls” and appear very judgmental and arrogant. Similarly, when 8s are in their unhealthy state, they too can express a sense of being better than everyone else, criticizing those they feel are less than them. Beech can bring a sense of tolerance for others, a deeper sense of compassion, and less of a need to be superior.

Oak: Oaks are your workhorses that push themselves to the point of becoming a martyr in their dutifulness to their job. They are often reliable, strong, and have incredible endurance, yet won’t take breaks for themselves as that may be seen as weak. 8s are also very driven, especially in the workplace, and can take on many characteristics of an Oak. This remedy can help 8s become flexible yet strong leaders who know when it’s time to take a break.


Enneagram Type 9: These are your peacemakers who are stable, constant, self-sacrificing, and willing to let go of their thoughts or opinions to keep the peace. They are motivated by achieving inner peace for both themselves and those around them. When unhealthy, they can become too passive and find no motivation to make any changes or move forward in their lives. Stubbornness can express itself, and they can become unavailable physically and emotionally to those around them.


Bach Flower Remedies for Type 9:

Centaury: Centaury is for those who can’t say “no,” are anxious to please, and ultimately want everyone happy. They can come across as timid, quiet, and subservient, and they will give of themselves to please everyone around them. 9s are also wonderful supporters, but they can become too willing to go along with what everyone else wants them to do to keep the peace. Centaury can help 9s give voice to their needs and serve others without denying themselves.

Clematis: These are your daydreamers. They aren’t quite in the moment and can seem disinterested or passive. They are the opposite of confrontational and may seem like they are in a different world. Because 9s also desire inner peace, they can sometimes disconnect from reality, making them seem absent from the present. They want to numb out anything that resembles conflict. Clematis can help them reengage with the world and encourage them to be productive and sharp-minded.

Hornbeam: Hornbeam is for those who tend to procrastinate or have that “Monday morning” feeling. They will put off things due to mental weariness. 9s can also slip into a lack of motivation with no inertia to drive them forward. Hornbeam can bring a sense of energy and enthusiasm to follow through with the tasks in front of them.

Larch: This remedy is wonderful for those who are unsure of themselves and lack confidence. They can be passive, behave and think like they are inferior, and often won’t try things since they expect to fail. It can also be hard for 9’s to assert themselves, fearing they will disrupt the peace. 9s need to feel confident when they do speak up, and Larch can give them that extra boost of courage when they are hesitant to share their thoughts or ideas.



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Brooke Vasilko is a born and raised Minnesotan who initially studied to be a music educator and found herself in the holistic health world through her own journey of chronic illness.

As the owner and founder of Naturally Living Me, she is passionate about helping people discover root causes and incorporating lifestyle changes that will help them live out who God created them to be. Brooke's expertise comes from over a decade of personally journeying through Lyme disease coupled with Trinity's training through the CHHP program.

She is also a Certified Comprehensive Iridologist with IIPA. Nutritional consulting, Iridology, and ZYTO Bioscan technology are some of the main modalities she uses in her practice. Brooke is married to her husband, Paul, and is learning the joy of being a pastor's wife and new mother.


Brooke is an instructor at Trinity School of Natural Health. For more information on Bach Flowers or to schedule a Bach Flower consult, contact Brooke at or visit her website at


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