Digestion: The Most Misunderstood Bodily Function
Digestion: The Most Misunderstood Bodily Function

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The following article was originally published in Health Keepers, a magazine created by Trinity's founder, Dr. Wendell Whitman. This article appeared in Volume 4 • Issue 1 • pg 18-21. This article originally titled, "Digestion: The Most Misunderstood Bodily Function"  was written by Alexander F. Beddoe, DDS.



“I have fi nally come to the konklusion that a good reliable set ov bowels iz worth more to a man than enny quantity of brains.”   —Josh Billings*


* Josh Billings was a pseudonym for Henry Wheeler Shaw (1818-1885), an American writer that was known for his intentional introduction of misspelling into sketches.



I was told that I learned the meaning of hot at an early age when I accidentally fell onto an outdoor wood cook stove and caught myself with my hands. Life, many times painful, is a journey of cause and effect and knowledge is usually first acquired by the “school of hard knocks.” Real learning begins when we encounter an unpleasant effect that propels us to seek the cause. Without understanding the cause, we are destined to experience the repeated instruction from a disagreeable, and sometimes destructive, instructor known as pain. Those who refuse to gain knowledge from their mistakes will end up as the Old Testament prophet Hosea predicted, “… destroyed for lack of knowledge.”


So what does this have to do with “dis-ease” prevention and maintaining health? When our bodies are out of harmony, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually, we experience a lack of ease—what I refer to as “dis-ease.” Many are seeking the cause for their “dis-ease” but are operating from several key presumptions leading them away from finding accurate knowledge. Presumption is a terrible killer when it comes to maintaining digestive harmony within our bodies. Presumption is assuming something to be true without proof (“lack of knowledge”).


For example, the average American parent presumes that as long as their children get food into their stomachs, it will be digested. This is not unusual considering that the basic physiologic understanding of digestion has changed little since it was first described. More intricacies have been added within the general explanation, but nothing significant has changed— digestion is still presumed simply to be a process of mechanical and enzymatic breakdown of foods into smaller and smaller particles until those particles can pass through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream. It is presumed that as long as food components can get into the blood, it means the body can use them.





Enzymes Not The Answer


A second common assumption is that digestive enzymes are the solution to any indigestion or concerns over potential improper digestion. Digestive enzymes are promoted on the same assumption—as long as the food is chemically fractured into small enough parts, it will get into the blood and, therefore, be available for the body’s needs.


I entered the word “digestion” into my favorite internet search engine. The result was website after website with magic “natural digestive formulas,” “therapeutic formulations,” etc. If you believe the information on these sites, you would have to believe the key to all digestive problems is contained within the nutritional “silver bullets” being sold for a premium price. And though I don’t agree with Josh Billings’ conclusion in the quote above, I do agree that a “good reliable set ov bowels iz” extremely vital because the brain depends on them.



“When you know the frequency, you know the diet.” —Dr. Carey Reams



Frequency & Digestion


One of the best-kept secrets about digestion began to be discovered by Dr. Carey Reams in the 1930s. A German professor of agriculture named Northrup shared with Dr. Reams that grapes possess a unique frequency upon which they live and grow. Each atom has its own frequency, which is the oscillatory rate of anions and cations in the structure. Frequency describes the resistance, electrical flow, and magnetism within the atom. As atoms of different elements combine, new higher frequencies are formed. The more complex a structure becomes, the higher its frequency. Every structure has its own unique frequency, from the simplest pure element on the Periodic Table to the most complex living structure—man.


This compelled Reams to take advantage of unique research opportunities, such as being asked by local police to determine if ashes from a fire were human or animal, to understanding the secret of plant feeding, and trying to determine why a small neighbor boy had epileptic seizures. From these and many other subjects, Reams found that all species of plants and animals live on and possess a unique mathematical frequency pattern. The frequency was not only distinctive to the species, but it revealed very significant clues on how that species altered incoming nutrient energy into a truly usable form.


Reams found maximum physical health in any given species cannot be understood, let alone achieved, until the frequency is known and taken into consideration. His mathematical approach to problem resolutions in biological life revealed that digestion is not involving just mechanical and enzymatic breakdown but, in fact, involves an electro-chemical frequency adjustment before the food energy released can even be usable by a given species. Therefore, if frequency is not considered in the food and diet preparation and supplementation for a human (or plant or animal for that matter), it is a total guess as to how the food will or will not be utilized. The only guarantee that food energy will be usable is determined by whether that energy can be adjusted to the human frequency.



“Health By The Numbers”

—The Math Of Perfect Health


The end result of Dr. Reams’ discovering the part frequency plays in digestion of animals as well as plants was his discovery of how certain tests done on fresh samples of urine and saliva could reveal how the diet and lifestyle of humans needed to be altered to maintain good health and / or obliterate degenerative situations. That is to say, Dr. Reams discovered the mathematical secret to manipulating the diet and lifestyle of a man, woman, or child in order to know that the food energy was being put on the proper frequency for complete and ideal nutritional utilization.


Because those in the health science field do not acknowledge frequency as a critical aspect of digestive physiologic function, they will never understand the cause of degenerative disease. Without an understanding of frequency in digestion, “health care” will never go beyond sick care—which translates into treating effects: using drugs, herbs, enzymes, vitamins, and other similar remedies. The need to address the cause in the care of dis-ease remains missing. As frequency is the key to understanding digestion, it is also the key to knowing, not guessing, about what is causing the human dis-ease condition.


Before I was privileged to spend ten years studying and working with Dr. Reams, I spent several years trying to figure out how to know what was going on in the metabolic chemistry of my patients—what was the real cause of the rampant and endemic degenerative problems sickening my patients. I studied all the natural methods from iridology to homeopathy and acupuncture to hair analysis. I also studied the traditional allopathic laboratory diagnostic procedures. Yet, in retrospect, nothing I ever studied even remotely revealed the real cause of what was happening to human physical health as did Dr. Reams’ Biologic Ionization Principles, as demonstrated through the urine and saliva test information.


Dr. Carey A. Reams has left to the world a vital and life-giving legacy that has been not only misunderstood, but also largely ignored by both the allopathic as well as the naturopathic/ natural health disciplines. Natural health, like allopathic disease treatment, is primarily guess-work and product-driven, resulting in practitioners’ ever stronger tendency to use shot-gun approaches and megadose the symptoms with the latest and greatest silver bullet formulas or inventions. Yet, as I heard Dr. Reams say so many times, “Why guess when you can be sure?”


What I have found in over a quarter-century of working with Reams’ Biologic Ionization Principles in human nutrition as well as agriculture is that Dr. Reams actually discovered the foundation upon which all systems of health practice and the medicaments they use could be evaluated in reference to how they may or may not be of value in human health. It is my firm belief and conclusion that one cannot claim to be a “natural health practitioner” unless one truly understands the system of analysis Dr. Carey Reams left for us. Reams’ analysis is so vital to a natural health practice that practitioners are only guessing without it. A practitioner who feels he knows everything without understanding Reams’ Biologic Ionization Principles is making a “great mistake.” As John Ruskin said, “Pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes.”



Image Credit:  Health Keepers, Volume 4 • Issue 1 • pg 21 from the article originally titled, "Digestion: The Most Misunderstood Bodily Function"  written by Alexander F. Beddoe, DDS.


NOTE: This article was edited to adhere to current legal and practical standards.





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