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Iridology - Sample Segment

This sample video segment is an excerpt from the Iridology video-on-demand series, which is a part of Trinity School's Fundamental courses.

Two Natural Health Myths Debunked

Trinity School of Natural Health instructor, Judy Masters, addresses two common natural health myths.

Why Get Certified in Natural Health?

Trinity School of Natural Health instructor, Judy Masters, explains why getting your certification in Natural Health (or any field for that matter) displays your commitment, credibility and competency in that area of study.

Water and Hydration with Judy Masters

Are you staying hydrated? Our bodies are 70 to 90% water, making H20 an essential component to our health.

How Important is your Health? - with Stuart Hite

How important is your health? Instructor Stuart Hite examines this question and gives you a reason to ask yourself this more often.

Why Take Supplements? - with Angie Chaudoir Ates

Instructor Angie Chaudoir Ates explains the important role natural supplements play in our everyday nutrition.

Importance of Sleep with Judy Masters

Do you get enough sleep? Trinity Instructor Judy Masters explains why sleep is absolutely necessary for our bodies to heal properly. Watch this video to learn more.

Energy Exhaustion with Angie Chaudoir Ates

As Americans, we're on a hamster wheel going fast. Trinity School of Natural Health Instructor Angie Chaudoir Ates explains why this "Go Big or Go Home" mentality is reeking havoc on our health. Along with teaching hard work to our children, perhaps it's also time to start teaching them that it's okay to rest.

Natural Health Careers with Angie Chaudoir Ates

While it's true Trinity School of Natural Health offers education you can use to transform your own life, it's also an education that allows you to teach and help others. Trinity Instructor Angie Chaudoir Ates talks about the possibility of turning your interest in natural health into a career.

Staying Hydrated with Luis Ramos

Trinity School of Natural Health Instructor Luis Ramos explains that while drinking plenty of water is important, the way we stay hydrated also plays a key component in our health.

Why Take Supplements? - with Luis Ramos

The nutrients we need to maintain our health comes from the food we eat. The problem we face today is that these necessary vitamins and minerals are being depleted from the soil where our food is cultivated. Trinity School of Natural Health Instructor Luis Ramos explains that supplementation is necessary to help fill these nutrient voids in our diet.

Negatives of Sugar with Judy Masters

On average, the typical American consumes around 150 lbs. of refined sugar every year. Sugar is also one of the leading causes of inflammation in our bodies. These two facts combined make it essential for us to be more mindful in our daily habits, and perhaps at the very least, should make us think about stopping the "I have a sweet tooth" excuse.

Circadian Rhythm Reset with Judy Masters

Are you one of the 50-70 million adults in the U.S. that is not getting enough sleep? The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has declared insufficient sleep to be a public health epidemic. In this video, Trinity School of Natural Health Instructor Judy Masters gives some important tips on how to reset your Circadian Rhythm and how to be on your way to more restful nights.