Doctor of Naturopathy

Trinity was founded on the book program over 25 years ago. Today it continues to provide information to our students from various authors' perspectives. Teaching our students how to achieve total health through body, mind and spiritual relationships is key in our book program.

What You Will Learn

Acupressure and reflexology points and their relationships to areas of the body
The history and origin of different modalities
How nutrition affects all body systems
How muscle response testing works
About the mind/body connection

Estimated time of completion: 2 years
Paid in full
1 payment of $3,495.00
Total Price: $3,795.00
  • $300.00 down payment
  • 22 payments of $159.00


I just finished my ND program and I must say that it was simply awesome. It caused me to think critically about natural health processes and I am excited about the natural health field even more. The staff was always very nice and helped make my program great! This is truly the place to study natural health from a holistic viewpoint with the spiritual aspect prevailing!

Fateria J., NC