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Doctor of Naturopathy (ND)

Trinity was founded on the book program over 25 years ago. Today it continues to provide information to our students from various authors' perspectives. Teaching our students how to achieve total health through body, mind and spiritual relationships is key in our book program. You will learn:
  • The history and origin of different modalities
  • How nutrition affects all body systems
  • About the mind/body connection
  • How muscle response testing works
  • Acupressure and reflexology points and their relationships to areas of the body
At the completion of this program, graduates will be able to determine the best natural health options and modalities by embracing centuries of natural health concepts and techniques. Graduates from the ND program are well educated and well qualified for a successful practice. To continue in becoming a dynamic, natural health practitioner, many of our ND students go on to complete the study of Master Iridologist (MI) and Master Herbalist (MH).
Paid in Full
1 payment of $3,495.00
22 payments of $159.00
*Installments requires a down payment of $300.00
*Shipped Modules (optional) - $250.00
*The down payment is in addition to the monthly payments and will provide access to the first 3 classes. Each monthly payment gives the student access to a new class. Payments may be made early to gain access to the next class.

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I officially became an Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) in December of 2012. It was really a dream come true. I am a corporate fitness trainer and have been in the fitness field for almost 22 years. I wanted an education that I could use alongside my training career, to assist people in nutrition, supplementation, sleep and stress reduction. I currently work for an energy company of 2,200 in employee wellness and have already seen changes in their overall wellness. Thanks so much to the staff at Trinity for being so friendly and encouraging. I owe so much to Trinity and recommend anyone in the fitness/wellness field to continue their education with them.

Jeff C., OK

Thank you all for the wonderful opportunity and education provided by Trinity and CNHP , I obtained my ND degree with confidence and joy! Wonderful classes!

Monica L., VA

Completed ND program in 1999, use it everyday! Blessing then and now!

Kimberly W., GA