Master Iridologist

Iridology, the study of the iris of the eye, has been traced as far back as 400 BC and was practiced by none other than Hippocrates himself! Trinity's MI program is a research and theory based education showing the link between the iris and the overall health of the body.

What You Will Learn

Understand how to locate and interpret the areas of weakness, discomfort and disease in the body
You will 'see' what is being presented through video presentation by Ellen Tart-Jensen Ph.D.
Use the color of the iris to understand the stages of degeneration
Learn to identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Estimated time of completion: 6 - 8 months
Paid in full
1 payment of $1,600.00
Total Price: $1,745.00
  • $300.00 down payment
  • 5 payments of $289.00


The coursework is demanding, includes much reading and develops the student's skill at textual analysis. The course exams were not easy, in fact, they were more demanding than exams I have taken at both regionally and nationally accredited institutions. Trinity's administration also deserves a good word. I began my studies while living in the United States but finished them while living in Brazil, where I own a thriving English School. Even at a distance, Trinity's administration was but an e-mail away. All inquiries were rapidly and politely responded to. Although I studied at a distance, I feel as if every concern I had received personal treatment as if I were in a class of one. Trinity School of Natural Health is a class act and one I have been proud to have experienced.

Mark G., SC