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Master Herbalist (MH)

The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of people worldwide rely on herbal medicines for some part of their primary health care. Trinity's MH program provides an in-depth study of the characteristics and applications of plants from all over the world. This is the type of information you will come away with:
  • Understanding of the physical attributes of herbs
  • Understanding of the nutritional qualities of herbs
  • The growth patterns of herbs
  • How to prepare herbs for use
  • How herbs were historically used
At the completion of this program, graduates will demonstrate a clear understanding of total health through the mastery of herbal uses. To continue in becoming a dynamic natural health practitioner, many of our MH students go on to complete the study of Advanced Certified Nutritional Consultant (ACNC), Master Iridologist (MI) and Doctor of Naturopathy (ND).
Paid in Full
1 payment of $1,600.00
11 payments of $131.50
*Installments requires a down payment of $300.00
*Shipped Modules (optional) - $130.00
*The down payment is in addition to the monthly payments and will provide access to the first 2 classes. Each monthly payment gives the student access to a new class. Payments may be made early to gain access to the next class.

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I have been with Trinity for about five years. This was a road full of hard work and great experience. With Trinity School's personal and organized process of study, even the hardest learning seemed to be very interesting, challenging and pleasant. I had almost an immediate response to all my questions and requests. Whenever I called, I always spoke with nice and professional people who helped me with all my needs.

Vladimir G., NY

Trinity has the best staff that I have ever worked with. They are cheerful and helpful - great combination.

Andrew G., NE

The education we are receiving from Trinity is like the Super Bowl of Health Care information and education. Trinity is providing people from every walk of life the opportunity to learn from the Best of the Best and soak in the knowledge that the teachers offer and the information that they have gathered to kick start our paths to personal natural health and the ability to teach others how to really live!

Joy A., TN