Iridology Master Practitioner

Iridology was pioneered by Dr. Bernard Jensen in the United States, but has been studied since the early 1800s and possibly even in Ancient Egypt and Asia thousands of years ago. Iridology is both a science and an art. Science links and maps each part of the body to the iris where body constitution, inherent strengths and weaknesses, and levels and transitions of health may be seen. In this program, you will learn to observe the reflexes in an individual's eyes to gain insight into the person's health and how to best help them as individuals, according to their strengths and weaknesses. Our Iridology program is an International Iridology Practitioners Association Sanctioned Program.

Now taking enrollments for the October 1 program.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify the genetic strengths and weaknesses within organs, glands and tissues
  • Tendencies towards tissue irritation and inflammation
  • How to find the potential ability of an organ’s reaction in the presence of illness
  • Discernment of familial patterns of illness including digestive issues, blood sugar tendencies, blood anomalies and heart issues
  • How to locate potential nervous system imbalances, spinal subluxations, circulatory disturbances, connective tissue weakness and more
Estimated time of completion: 16 Weeks

Pay in Full: $1,600

Make a one-time payment of $1,600. Upon passing each course, you will be able to continue right into the next one.

All course materials and Canvas access are included in your enrollment cost. To keep you on the path to success, we are offering you a spot in our Persistence Incentive Program: make your payments on time and achieve a passing grade in all your courses and we will give you 10% back at the end of your program!

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