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Holistic Fitness Specialist

This program emphasizes a full body approach for the fitness professional, performance trainer, holistic weight loss coach and those working with individuals diagnosed with specialized medical conditions. Focus will be on whole body nutrition, proper exercise selection, supplementation from a holistic standpoint and invaluable methods to boost performance.

What You Will Learn

  • The physiological benefits of exercise, breath work and mindfulness
  • Dysbiosis and the connection to weight gain, performance and recovery
  • Exercise selection, intensity and frequency
  • Condition-specific exercise recommendations
  • Fitness based nutrition and supplementation, for performance and recovery
  • Popular diet plans, including the ketogenic diet, and their applications
  • Emotional components of health
  • Natural performance-enhancing strategies
Estimated time of completion: 16 Weeks

Pay in Full: $1,600

Make a one-time payment of $1,600. Upon passing each course, you will be able to continue right into the next one.

All course materials and Canvas access are included in your enrollment cost. To keep you on the path to success, we are offering you a spot in our Persistence Incentive Program: make your payments on time and achieve a passing grade in all your courses and we will give you 10% back at the end of your program!

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