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Flower Essence Master Practitioner

Learn the non-invasive benefits of traditional Bach Flowers, as well as other flower essences, in addressing the direct and indirect relationship of emotions to overall health.

Now taking enrollments for the May 28 program.

What You Will Learn

  • About Dr. Edward Bach, his history, influences, medical practice and associates
  • Bach's system of 38 Flower Remedies and his design for their use
  • Client communication and consultations
  • Other practices inspired by flower essences along with other flower essences and their indications
  • How to make your own mother tinctures and integrate flower essences into your natural health practice
  • Receive the Bach Flower Education’s level 1 web-based curriculum and CEUs for massage and acupuncture

Demonstrate. Learn. Transform.

Your program will culminate with a colloquium. This four-day interactive event gives you the opportunity to put knowledge into practice and build community with your fellow students and Trinity faculty. At the colloquium, you will practice often used techniques and tools specific to your program that you have learned throughout your online courses. Each colloquium will have a guest keynote speaker, networking opportunities and complimentary catered meals and opening reception.

Estimated time of completion: 16 Weeks

Pay in Full: $2,500

Make a one-time payment of $2,500. Upon passing each course, you will be able to continue into the next one. You will also be eligible to attend the colloquium as soon as you finish your last course and graduate while attending the colloquium.

All course materials, Canvas access and the colloquium are included in your tuition. Travel and lodging for the colloquium are not included. To attend the colloquium, 75% of your program must be paid, and in order to graduate, a balance of $0 must be achieved. Specialized+ programs are not eligible for the Persistence Incentive Program.

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