Core Programs (NHP, CHHP): Enroll by August 31 to start September 3. Specialized Programs (IMP, HMP, FEMP, NC, HFS, AS): Enroll by September 28 to start October 1.

Flower Essence Master Practitioner

Learn the non-invasive benefits of traditional Bach Flowers, as well as other flower essences, in addressing the direct and indirect relationship of emotions to overall health.

Now taking enrollments for the October 1 program.

What You Will Learn

  • About Dr. Edward Bach, his history, influences, medical practice and associates
  • Bach's system of 38 Flower Remedies and his design for their use
  • Client communication and consultations
  • Other practices inspired by flower essences along with other flower essences and their indications
  • How to make your own mother tinctures and integrate flower essences into your natural health practice
  • Receive the Bach Flower Education’s level 1 web-based curriculum and CEUs for massage and acupuncture
Estimated time of completion: 16 Weeks

Pay in Full: $2,100

Make a one-time payment of $2,100. Upon passing each course, you will be able to continue into the next one.

All course materials and Canvas access are included in your tuition. Specialized+ programs are not eligible for the Persistence Incentive Program.

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