Advanced Certified Nutritional Consultant

The ACNC is an expert level of understanding the truth and logic behind, "Let the food be thy medicine." Our position on true total health is that it cannot be achieved without comprehension of the whole person and the needs of the individual. Trinity's ACNC program includes the study of theories about nutrition, herbals, children's needs, kinesiology, enzymes, anatomy and physiology.

What You Will Learn

An advanced understanding of the structure and function of the body systems
The proper terminology to use when educating others about natural health
The application and location of the test points on the body
Understanding of the 12 'learning nutrients' children need
The how and why of herbal therapy

Estimated time of completion: 1 year
Paid in full
1 payment of $1,600.00
Total Price: $1,745.00
  • $300.00 down payment
  • 11 payments of $131.50