Trinity Live 2022

Upcoming Live Event: September 16 - 18, 2022

Indianapolis, IN

Join us at Trinity Live!
Audience: All Students and Graduates
Date: September 16 - 18, 2022
Cost: $549

Find Your Community and Expand Your Skills at Trinity Live!

Trinity Live combines the quality education you expect from us with hands-on practice and face-to-face interaction. This is our yearly continuing education event and Trinity family reunion. Graduates and current students from all programs, plus guests with other natural health training, are welcome to attend.

At Trinity Live, you'll advance your practical skillset through interactive training and informative lectures. In addition, you'll receive guidance and feedback from Trinity instructors and connect with other Trinity alumni.

This event provides 10 hours of naturopathic continuing education. Meals are included. For $150, your spouse or guest can join us at the group meals. Seating is limited, so call today to make your reservation.

Blending Natural with Allopathic Care with Sally Banks
As healthcare changes, conventional practitioners are seeking complementary and alternative methods at an increased rate. In this presentation, Sally Banks, a nurse with 20+ years of experience specializing in cardiology, will help you understand how natural and allopathic care can work together in a comanagement relationship and how to incorporate natural options into your practice to support clients with common conditions.

Exercise and Recovery with Nathan Coles
Movement, fun sweaty activity, working out, whatever you call it, exercise is one of the foundations of health. In this lecture, Dr. Coles, the author of the Certified Holistic Fitness Specialist program, will provide simple strategies to help your clients get moving safely. In addition, he'll focus on exercise selection and ways to improve performance and recovery for various fitness levels.

Gut Health with Jason Ameling
Hippocrates is considered the first physician to recognize that all illnesses have a natural cause. He has been credited with several powerful quotes about health and wellness, but "All diseases begin in the gut" is one of the most accurate and relevant proclamations for the natural health field. Today we recognize the gut-brain connection, the digestive tract's role in immune function, and how digestion controls everything from inflammation to vitamin production. In this lecture, you'll learn how to recognize GI issues and holistically support the body to improve gut function.

Reflexology with Lauren Ameling
Reflexology is an ancient practice with powerful modern-day applications. In this lecture, you'll understand its rich history and how the concept of reflex points was found in several original healing systems, including Egyptian, Ayurveda, and TCM. In addition, microsystem maps, techniques, and protocols will be discussed, and practice sessions will occur.

Optional Bonus: Spiritual Cause of Disease with Sally Banks
In this special bonus session, Sally Banks will discuss the spiritual roots of disease. Sally is a faith-filled practitioner who focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection. In this lecture, she'll introduce the spiritual causes of common conditions and share how mindset and belief-set play an integral role in overcoming disease.

Daily Schedule

Day 1, Sep 16


7pm - 9pm
Trinity Live Opening Reception

Day 2, Sep 17


8am - 6pm
Welcome to Trinity Live
Blending Natural with Allopathic Care with Sally Banks
Exercise and Recovery with Nathan Coles
Exercise and Recovery workshop
Gut Health with Jason Ameling

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided.

Day 3, Sep 18


8am - 4pm
Optional: Energy Warm-Up with Luis Ramos
Reflexology with Lauren Ameling
Reflexology Workshop
Instructor Q&A - All Things Health and Business
Graduate Spotlight
Trinity Live Closing Lunch
OPTIONAL BONUS: Spiritual Cause of Disease with Sally Banks
Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Event Location

Embassy Suites Hotel Indianapolis-Airport
6089 Clarks Creek Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46168

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