Practical Applications - Austin

Upcoming Live Event: September 23 - 24, 2019

Austin, TX

This event is designed to demonstrate the cumulative knowledge of the Legacy ND student in a practical manner. Candidates for completion of the Legacy ND program will participate in a two-day live intensive, during which they will be given information in the form of client profiles for natural health assessment. The students will be responsible for building organized and logical cases with viable natural health recommendations for a board of instructors. In order to graduate, detailed analyses of the case studies is required to confirm that the student is able to apply natural health concepts and modalities to the benefit of the clients.

This event will be dynamic and interactive. Practical Applications will be facilitated by (at least) one instructor and will offer limited enrollment due to the generous time allowances for debriefing cases, and the individual focus of the practicum. A small graduation ceremony will close out the event; friends and family of the graduates are welcome to attend.

The cost to attend is $395.00.


  • Use all of the following modalities: Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization, Muscle Response Testing, Iridology, Reflexology, Flower Remedies, Face/Tongue/Nail (Physical Observations).
  • Demonstrate that accurate and viable data has been gathered for each client.
  • Recommend logical and supportable lifestyle changes, supplementation and/or body work relevant to the case.
  • Be able to support and defend recommendations based on the available information.

Daily Schedule

Day 1, Sep 23



8:15am - Registration begins
9:00am - Case study presentations

Day 2, Sep 24



9:00am - Case Study presentations
4:00pm - Graduation (this is an approximated time)

Event Location

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Austin Northwest Arboretum
8901 Business Park Dr, Austin, TX 78759

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