Shealynn August, CHC

Meet Shealynn

Shealynn is a Certified Health Coach graduate from Trinity School of Natural Health. She deeply values education and intends to become a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and ultimately a Certified Traditional Naturopath. Her passion for natural health began when her son became ill over a decade ago, leading her to discover the power of holistic practices. In 2017, Shealynn's mother was diagnosed with cancer, further sparking her interest in health education.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Shealynn has owned and operated a natural cleaning business for over a decade. She also runs a botanical business and is a freelance writer, in addition to being an Enrollment Specialist. Shealynn values her training and uses her knowledge to write for the health and wellness industry and within her own blog.

She is a devout Christian who enjoys homeschooling her children and traveling. She is a ministry founder for single parents and addicts and an author. She loves being active in her community to help others thrive in life. Shealynn dreams of opening a health food store featuring a juice, smoothie, and tea bar along with an apothecary.