Patty Pobanz, ND, CNHP, CHS

Meet Patty

Patty Pobanz started her journey in the corporate world, working for Fortune 500 companies including the Walt Disney Company and Xerox Corporation. When her children were just babies her son came down with pneumonia at the age of three. At that time Patty could not believe that a child so young, could become so sick when he had always been healthy. A long journey to get her son well and a whole lot of research, brought Patty onto a road of a total natural health for herself and her whole family. This was over 19 years ago. Patty became so engulfed into finding different natural wellness remedies and began teaching it to others.

She first began her natural health studies at the Wellness Forum Institute in Ohio becoming a Food Over Medicine Consultant, then went on to becoming a Reiki Practitioner and just recently became a Reiki Master. Patty also received her natural health education from Trinity School of Natural Health receiving her certifications as a Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Holistic Specialist and receiving her credentials as a Naturopathic Doctor and Doctor of Natural Health.

Patty also loves being with her family, being at the beach as often as possible, paddle boarding on the lake, meditating and she has a passion for crystals and rocks. Whenever she's at a lake or where she can search for rocks, she tries to find heart shaped rocks, which are definitely pretty hard to find, but when she finds one, it's like finding gold to most other people.