Gleanda Sims, ND, CNHP, CHS

Meet Gleanda

Education: Baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse, Trinity School of Natural Health Grad (ND, CNHP,CHS), Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health, X'tract Facilitator & Instructor, Certified NC Assisted Living Administrator, Advanced Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP), and NC Adult Care Home Personal trainer.

Experience: Registered nurse of over 11 years with experience in Nephrology, Dialysis, Hospice & Palliative Care, Home Care, Medical-Surgical, Oncology, Cardiac care, & Nurse wellness coach/consultant.

Bio: With 11 years of experience in the medical field, I have re-purposed my career to integrate natural health into my private wellness practice. I present preventative and regenerative care from a holistic point of view with vast knowledge of disease processes.

My passion for holistic health was realized after helping several family members and friends suffering from multiple chronic illnesses, correct those issues through lifestyle changes and proper supplementation.

My overall mission is to share my knowledge with the masses and encourage people to take back their GOD-given right to health.

I am privileged with the opportunity to share my knowledge and practical experience with prospective students to assist them with making a well-informed decision about obtaining a quality holistic education with Trinity School of Natural Health.