Help and FAQs

Where do I log in to my student account?

Click here to log in to the Student site.

You may also access the student login by clicking on "Student Login" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

What are Trinity's hours of operation?

Trinity School is open Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5pm EST. We are closed for all major holidays. Should you call and get a recording during the day, please leave a detailed message. We check messages daily and will return calls as soon as possible.

What is the value of an ND diploma/education?

An N.D. diploma demonstrates to the public that you have been trained in the science and practice of Naturopathy. It also signifies that you have passed the appropriate exams required for the diploma. You will obtain knowledge of alternative natural health, which will serve you well as you seek to help others in obtaining and maintaining health. As in any program or endeavor, the benefits you will receive from the program will be in direct correlation to the effort you put into the program.

What will I be able to do with this type of education? Can I prescribe or diagnose or perform surgeries?

Our programs are focused on personal enrichment. It is possible to start your own business and take on clients to counsel people in the areas of natural health. As far as using this in a public organization (such as a doctor's office, schools or nursing homes) it really depends on that organization and what their requirements are. We do not provide job placement once you have graduated from the program.

Prescribing, diagnosing and performing surgeries is generally a part of the "practice of medicine" and it would be a violation of state medical practice laws for anyone to prescribe, diagnose or perform surgeries without holding the appropriate state license. A federal drug license is also needed to prescribe drugs legally. Naturopaths do not prescribe or advocate the use of drugs. Typically, Naturopaths are referred to as "drugless doctors." A traditional naturopathic education does not include training in surgery.

May I put the N.D. designation (or any of the other designations) after my name?

You may always put any educational or professional designation after your name, but a few states license naturopaths and unless you are licensed in those states, you cannot practice or identify yourself as a naturopath (N.D.)

Is Naturopathy licensed in my state?

Trinity School does not keep individual state laws and regulations on file as they are constantly changing. Contact your local and/or state government office to inquire about practicing legality in your state. Washington D.C. has a registration law. Some states have not finalized their laws due to legal challenges from those who believe that naturopathy should not be licensed and is a public domain. If laws change after the completion of your program it is ultimately up to that state as to how they handle the situation. Some states may choose to "grandfather" in prior ND's, while others may not.

A helpful website to start a search for licensing information may be on this website,

Does your school have a license or accreditation?

Trinity School is accredited and recognized by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada ( We have not, nor do we plan to seek accreditation through the U.S. Department of Education.

Are you able to give referrals or information on practitioners?

To preserve the privacy of our students/graduates, we do not release student or graduate contact information. We do have graduates listed on our website, and that information is available as public record.

I am interested in your school, but I am wondering how your school compares with others.

Trinity School of Natural Health has one of the best direct education program available in naturopathy. We have 5 comprehensive programs composed of a variety of well-designed courses. Our students frequently contact us to tell us how excited they are over the course materials. We use the best textbooks available. We have student service representatives to assist you with any problem you may encounter. We are able to offer two of the five programs in Spanish. You will be pleased to know that we are generally thousands of dollars or less that any other self-study, direct education program offered in this field, in the U.S.

How does Trinity School compare with on-campus programs?

Our self-study approach means that you can study at your own pace, without leaving your home and moving to a campus site. Price is another consideration. Campus programs require tuition large enough to pay for buildings, dormitories, dining facilities, gyms and other facilities that have nothing to do with naturopath. On campus programs cost $50,000 to $60,000 more than Trinity School.

How many students are currently enrolled in your programs?

We have many students currently enrolled in our program and enrollments are steadily increasing .

How many graduates do you have?

Trinity School has over 5700 graduates.

Do you have any samples of course work or diplomas that you can send me?

We do not have samples of diplomas or coursework at this time. Submitted course work must be typed (unless the directions in the front of the test say differently). Questions on tests can be in a variety of formats (True/False, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Short Essay or Short Answer).

The course work is completed by reading a text book and answering the questions that go with that book. At this time, there are no videos or assignments in addition to the tests.

Do you offer any of your classes in a classroom-type setting?

Currently, Trinity is primarily a correspondence school. Our CNHP program does offer Live Events for students to attend (this is currently the only option available for a student to earn their CNHP designation) however, in 2015 the CNHP Program will be available by correspondence as well.

Do I have to come to Trinity School for any reason?

You do not need to come to Trinity School for any reason. You complete the programs we offer in the privacy and convenience of your own home. All course work is submitted through the website, mail or by e-mail. If your test is completed through the website by using our live online testing, you will receive your grade instantly. If you mail or e-mail your course work to Trinity, the Staff at Trinity School will e-mail your grade to you once your test is graded. Diplomas are mailed upon successful completion of all course work. The CNHP program is the only exception at this time.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Each program is done at your own pace. The average time of completion for each program is:

•Doctor of Naturopathy: 2 years
•Master Herbalist: 1 year
•Certificate in Nutritional Counseling: 1 year
•Certified Natural Health Professional: 1 year
•Master Iridologist: 1 year
•Certified Health Specialist: 6 to 8 months

What do the hours mean that are listed beside each course?

The hours listed there are an estimated amount of study hours that you should plan on spending on each course.

How long do I have to complete the program?

Each program has a maximum amount of time to complete it. If the program is not completed within the allotted time frame, all tuition is considered fully earned and not refunded. There is no set time in which the student must complete any individual course; however, the student must complete the program within the time limit given per program.

The student will have five (5) years to complete the All 5 Program Option, four (4) years to complete the All 4 Program Option, three (3) years to complete the Doctor of Naturopathy Program, two (2) years to complete the Master Herbalist Program, Certificate in Nutritional Counseling Program or Associate Degree in Biblical Studies Program**; or one (1) year to complete the Master Iridologist or Certified Health Specialist Programs. Should an additional program be added, the student will be given two (2) months per class to complete that program.

Should a student wish to enroll in individual classes and not a program, that student will have a three (3) month time limit per class. Should the class not be completed within that time frame, all policies will apply and the student will not be eligible for a refund on the individual classes as monies paid would be considered fully earned.

**The Associate Degree in Biblical Studies program is no longer offered. The time limit for that program remains listed here for any prior students that may need to finish their program.

What are the requirements to enroll? Do I need a Bachelor's or a Master's degree?

We require the minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent to enroll in any program we offer. You do not need a Bachelor's or a Master's degree to enroll.

I have taken classes from other schools; can I have courses waived in this program?

Since Trinity School is committed to graduating the finest trained naturopaths, we currently do not give credit for studies completed from other schools.

If I complete your programs, are the courses I've taken transferable to another school or organization?

Each school sets its own policy on accepting credits from other institutions. We cannot guarantee that other schools will offer comparable courses and give credit for work completed at Trinity School. However, we will furnish you with an official transcript and course description for you to use.

How can I get started with a program?

To get started, you need to submit an application. With the application, you will need to also submit a form of payment (please refer to payment information). We accept personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks and credit cards. We accept the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Enrollment for the CNHP program is only available by phone at this time. All other programs require the submission of an application.

When can I enroll?

We have open enrollment. You can enroll whenever you are ready to begin the program.

Can I enroll by phone?

Students can enroll online or by mail. Applications may also be faxed to Trinity School. Enrollments for Live Events may be completed by phone.

When can I order my books?

You can order the books at any time from Reagan's Bookstore ( or through any other bookstore of your choice. Please be sure you order the correct version of the book (Reagan's Bookstore has the information on each book on their website, such as the ISBN #, the Author, etc). You can order all the books at one time, or you can order the books as you need them. The price of the textbooks depends on the program you choose. Reagan's Bookstore does offer a 10% student discount off the publisher's price. Please send all bookstore order forms to Reagan's Bookstore, not Trinity School.

What are the tuition fees? Can I get Financial Aid? Do you offer installment plans? Are books included in the tuition fees?

Your ability to use financial aid for our programs depends on the organization providing the funding. Please check with them. We do not provide a school code.

Books are an additional cost for the program. These can be purchased through Reagan's Bookstore ( We do recommend using Reagan's Bookstore. They have all our selected and required books and materials. You are not required to purchase from them. However, there may be a few books that are only available at Reagan's Bookstore.

We are able to offer installment plans for our programs. With the installment plan, each monthly payment gives the student access to a new test. The pricing is:

Doctor of Naturopathy (books approximately $750)
Installments: $3,795 ($300 down, $159 monthly for 22 months)
Paid in full: $3,495

Certified Natural Health Professional (no additional materials needed)
Installments: $1,400 ($300 down, $100 monthly for 11 months)
Paid in full: $1,250

Certificate in Nutritional Counseling (books approximately $275)
Installments: $1,745 ($300 down, $131.50 monthly for 11 months)
Paid in full: $1,600

Master Herbalist (books approximately $275)
Installments: $1,745 ($300 down, $131.50 monthly for 11 months)
Paid in full: $1,600

Master Iridologist (books approximately $650)
Installments: $1,745 ($300 down, $289 monthly for 5 months)
Paid in Full: $1,600

Certified Health Specialist (books approximately $130)
Installments: $895 ($300 down, $149 monthly for 4 months)
Paid in Full: $795

******Prices are subject to change without notice******

Is there a discount if I choose to take all of the programs offered by Trinity School?

We do have a special price for enrolling in "All 4" or "All 5" programs at one time. This price is available at the time of enrollment only.

With the installment plan, each monthly payment gives the student access to a new test.

All 4 programs (ND, MH, CNC, CHS) (estimated cost of books/materials is $1000)
Installment Plan $5180 ($300 down, 33 monthly payments $148)
Pay in Full Plan $4880

All 5 programs (ND, MH, MI, CNC, CHS) (estimated cost of books/materials is $1550)
Installment Plan $6025 ($300 down, 37 monthly payments $155)
Pay in Full Plan $5725

How are you able to offer lower tuition prices compared to your competitors?

We are able to offer lower tuition prices to our students because we are a not-for-profit organization.

What if I want to take just one class at a time?

If you do not want to enroll in an entire program (however, it is cost effective to enroll in a program) the cost would be $250 per class, plus the cost of book.

If you are already enrolled in a program, but want just an additional class (not another program) the cost is $200 per class, plus the cost of book.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do offer a variety of discounts. A maximum of 2 discounts can be issued at any one time. The discounts available are:

1) Paid in full Discount
2) Any monthly discount

****Discounts are subject to change without notice****

Can I study with others? Is there a discount for this?

You are more than welcome to study with others. There is no discount for study groups. Studying with others is a great way to understand the material! However, when it comes to the test answers, you must answer them on your own. We do realize that some of the answers will be identical (such as multiple choice, or true/false), and this is unavoidable. We will not accept a photocopy of answers for more than one student. If it is found by Trinity School that the answers are identical to another student, you may be asked to resubmit your work and/or you could also be assessed up to a 10% penalty on your grade. The issuance of the penalty is at the discretion of the Staff at Trinity School.

Are there study groups in my area that I can join?

Trinity School does not maintain a list of available study groups or support groups.

Once I submit my application, when will I receive my materials? What will I receive?

The processing of your application can take up to 2 weeks. Upon payment approval, you will get an e-mail directing you to start accessing coursework online. If you choose to pay for shipping to have the tests mailed to you, please allow 7-10 business days for shipping. We do our best to process applications in a timely manner.

How often are materials sent to me? How do I know what order to follow?

If you have paid for your program in full, you will get access to all of tests at one time. You can work on the courses in any order you choose.

If you are on the installment plan, You will get access to the first 2 or 3 courses (depending on the program you choose). Each monthly payment will provide you access to a new class. This would be available through your student log-in each month, unless you are receiving your coursework via USPS.

Do I have to complete everything I see that is listed with the N.D. program?

Yes, you will need to complete all of the coursework listed under the N.D. program. We cannot make any substitutions in any of the programs.

What do I do if I have a question on a test? Do you have instructors?

The staff at Trinity School tries help as much as possible. Most of our programs are completed by correspondence and are self-study programs. If you have a question on a test, you will speak to the person that grades that test. We can guide you to the page where the answer may be located. We cannot, under any circumstance, give you the answer to the question. We are only able to help on a limited amount of questions because the tests are open book. This is at the discretion of the test grader. The CNHP program, at this time, does have instructors as this is an event that you would attend in person.

What is the Dissertation?

Students in the current ND program are required to complete a Dissertation and two case studies. The Dissertation is a research paper that is required in the ND program. It must be a minimum of 25 pages, but no more than 50 pages. It must also be bound before submitting this for grading. We do send guidelines upon enrollment in the ND program. The topic must be related to natural health. We do suggest some topics for you; however, you can choose your own topic. If you choose your own topic, you must submit an outline for approval.

We understand students are very anxious to hear the results of the Dissertation. We make every effort to get these graded in a timely fashion. It is not uncommon for the grading process to take a minimum of 4-6 weeks. We are grateful to our students for their patience.

How do I submit a test? Once I submit a test, how long will it take for me to get the results?

Please follow the instructions at the beginning of each test. Typically, you will have to type your answers (there is no exception to this). However, some of our tests have been reformatted to include answer sheets. Please follow the instructions for each test. You can submit your test through the mail or by e-mail. Please e-mail tests to

The Staff at Trinity School understands you are anxious to get the result of your test. We make every effort to get tests graded as quickly as possible. We are currently at a 2-4 week turn around time on grading tests. The Dissertation is currently at a minimum of a 2-3 week turn around.

We grade all tests and Dissertations in the order they are received. Please do not request that a test be moved to the front of the line for grading. We cannot do that, as it is not fair to students that have turned their tests in prior. We cannot, under any circumstance, move a test to the front of the line for grading. If you need to graduate by a certain date, please plan accordingly with the dates listed above.

Students also have the option to take their test live online through the student log in. Tests, in either format, are not timed.

Is it possible to fail a test? What do I have to do if I fail a test?

We require the minimum of an 85% or higher to pass a course. If you score below an 85%, you will be required to resubmit your answers.

If you complete the test directly online (to receive your grade instantly) and have to resubmit a test, you will have to resubmit your testing online by completing a new set of questions at no additional charge.

If your test question booklet was mailed to you or was accessed as a PDF version and the staff at Trinity School is grading your test, you only have to fix the questions that were missed and include a $25 resubmission fee. You may also resubmit your test using the online test. Submitting your test online would not incur the $25 resubmission fee but you would be completing a whole new test.

Once you resubmit a test (by mail or online), the highest possible grade you can get is an 85%. We require that the answers for the resubmission by mail be typed. This is the ONLY time resubmissions are allowed.

When my course work is done, is there a final exam? What about an internship?

There is no final exam through Trinity School. You would, however, be eligible to complete the test offered by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB). ANMCB offers numerous Board Certification possibilities including American Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and American Board Certified Master Herbalist. This certification adds a national level of competency recognized by businesses, professional associates, peers and the public. This testing is completely optional. This does not give you licensing. It will give you an extra certification to validate your knowledge. Click here to visit the ANMCB's website.

Trinity School offers a Review Class to prepare for the examination. Give us a call for information.

There is no internship available.

When will I receive my diploma? Are transcripts available?

Diplomas are sent on a weekly basis to those who have completed and passed all course work and have made all required payments. You are welcome to call to check on the status of your diploma at any time. The first copy of the diploma is free (this is a larger document, approximately an 11" x 17" and on high quality professional certification paper). Any additional diploma would be $25 each. Diplomas are sent by USPS.

We also offer the diplomas in smaller sizes. We have the fax-size diploma (this is 8.5" x 11") and a wallet size diploma, both $25 per copy. Diplomas are mailed once printing has been completed.

Transcripts are also available upon request. We can send these directly to you or to an organization at any time necessary. The first transcript is free. Any additional copies are $10 each.

Once I have completed my program, can I add additional programs?

A student may decide to enroll in additional programs at any time. When a student decides to enroll in an additional program, a new application will need to be submitted to Trinity School of Natural Health. We will apply a credit to the new program by waiving classes from the original program of enrollment. The payment plan would be adjusted accordingly once the application is received.

What is the refund policy in the event I need to withdraw?

Students withdrawing within the first 30 days are eligible for a 100% refund (minus the $250 application fee). All the materials need to be returned and in sale-able condition. Withdrawing students need to send a letter stating the need to withdrawal. If materials are returned and in sale-able condition, you will get a complete refund (minus the $250 application fee). If the materials are not in sale-able condition, a small fee per module would be assessed to cover the cost to replace damaged materials. Refunds for withdrawals after 30 days will be prorated. After 6 months, tuition is considered fully earned. Once we receive all the materials and a letter requesting withdrawal, any refund due will be issued. Refunds can take a minimum of 4-6 weeks. Any issues a student has concerning refund/returns on books will need to be discussed with Reagan's Bookstore (if purchased through them). This is the ONLY way a student can be withdrawn from any program. Stopping payments or stopping course work will not withdraw a student from the program. This refund policy applies to all programs except the CNHP. The refund policy for the CNHP program is different.

Are your programs available in any other language?

At this time, we are not accepting enrollments in our Spanish Department.

Here is a list of helpful websites.

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Coalition for Natural Health

Nutritional Resources

American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board

HealthKeepers Alliance

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